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Why Did Google Change?

Mayday was not some kind of penalty from Google. They changed the algorithms in an attempt to index long-tail key phrases more accurately. It takes a LOT of memory and computing power to identify keyword phrases – As explained by a webmaster during forum discussions: “On the

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Google Mayday; has Google’s algorithm changed?

Of late online forums for webmasters all around the world have been buzzing with the sound of Google – Even more than usual! Why? You might well ask. Google introduced new algorithms for website rankings which consequently hit some of the biggest sites on the net right

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How Can Get Better Ranks?

There are various ways to use LSI to achieve better ranks: » Pages can be created specifically for different keywords. For example, if your target key phrase is ‘used cars’ pages should be created using keywords associated with this topic – ‘Auto’ for instance. The more associated

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Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is an ‘association technique’ used by all the major search engines today: For example the words Paris and Hilton are NOT associated with the French capital and luxury hotels – They are associated with the socialite Paris Hilton. Google has to index billions

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Adult Modeling Website SEO Services

Adult modelling website provides some of the finest male and female models that are known in the world of the porn industry and other adult industry. People who are looking for steady paying jobs and have a passion for working in the adult industry can apply on

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Adult travel agencies are the brokering agencies or the facilitator to the customers who are looking for a specific holiday package that is filled with sexual activity. There are lots of such adult travel agencies who provide similar packages but that end up being a damp squib

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Adult Statues


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Adult Exhibitionist Websites SEO

If adult novelties are what you are looking for, then we are the service that will satisfy your sexual needs. With products ranging from sex dolls to vibrators to erotic lingerie, our adult novelties website provides every product that a customer is looking for. Every person has

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Adult Modeling Websites SEO

There are loads of adult video websites that offer cheap or free porn, but that doesn’t mean theyoffer inferior porn. Some of the best and top rated adult video website are the ones that offer free porn. We offer a collection of such adult video websites that

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Sexual Health Services SEO

Adult cosmetics are the type of costumes that are used for makeup and cosmetic purposes but different from regular cosmetics in the packages, shapes and smell that they emancipate. Think of them as adult toys that can also act as cosmetics. A lipstick in the shape of

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